News Headline - 30 Jul 06
Details for Tom and Marilyn's appearance at The Mars Society conference 2006 solidifies. We will be presenting and reading on Sunday, 6 August from 12:45 to 1:15 as part of discussion track 4 "Mars and Education." Conference details here.

News Headline - 9 July 2006
Tom Hill and Marilyn Glass are interviewed on The Space Show "(I Want to go to Mars) is a great book. The illustrations are fabulous" - Dr. David Livingston, host of The Space Show. Show summary here.

News Headline - 4 July 2006
I Want to go to Mars storefront goes active on Storefront can be found here.


A young girl imagines herself traveling to and living on Mars. She knows that the journey will be difficult, but is willing to work for the things she'll be able to do.

Welcome to I Want to go to Mars, an illustrated children's book which describes, in realistic terms, what life on Mars would be like for a member of the expedition who happens to be a child. Technical pages at the end of the book describe some of the finer points of the images and story, for more advanced readers or parents.

I Want to go to Mars is the first collaborative work between Tom Hill and Marilyn "Marf" Glass. Tom wrote the text, while Marilyn brought the story to life with her illustrations.

This website gives insight to the book, the story, and the authors.

The book is published by Lulu, and is copyrighted 2006. Copies can be purchased here.

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