"This book has got to get into the grade school libraries...it will really open the door for people to think about space and Mars as real alternatives."
- Dr. David Livingston, host of The Space Show

Artwork from the book is displayed here. The images on this page from inside the book do not have the text included in the book because these sample pages are discontinuous. Click on each page to see it with the book text included.

Book Cover

The cover for the book I Want to go to Mars.  A girl and her father look at Mars with a telescope

A young girl is spending an evening with her father peering at Mars through a telescope. Mars becomes a bright star in the night sky cycling about every 26 months. As she looks at the Red Planet, her imagination takes her on an amazing journey.

Leaving Earth

Looking back on Earth and the moon as they fall away

After imagining the training required for the trip, she boards a spacecraft bound for Mars. Excited about the adventures ahead yet a little homesick, she looks out the craft's porthole as Earth and the moon fall away. She wonders when she'll see them again.

Exploring Mars

The heroine stands at the edge of a canyon and looks out over the landscape.

Once on Mars, she has no intention to stay on board her spaceship. Donning a spacesuit, she scales mountain faces to see the history of Mars written in the rock. At the top of her climb, she's treated to a breathtaking sight. Valles Marinaris, the largest canyon in the solar system stretches out in front of her.

Working on Mars

Putting habitats together to form a base

Mars has much greater potential than simply being a scientific curiousity. Though it has the potential to answer some very important questions about life's past and present, Mars' greatest promise is its role in humanity's future. Building that future will take hard work.

Bringing Life to Mars

Growing plants in a greenhouse on Mars' surface

While there may have been life on Mars, and there may be today, in order to make Mars live up to its promise, we must bring life to Mars. First in the form of people, then in the form of food crops in greenhouses, and eventually as plants growing outdoors in a terraformed world.

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