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What People are Saying about Space: What Now?

Testimonial: Dave Dutcher, aerospace support contractor

" informative and interesting read. A+ on both counts. Bravo!"

Testimonial: Ed Fisher, President of the NY Mars Society

"I almost read SWN in one sitting...very engaging"

Air&Space Smithsonian Magazine

"Hill's refreshing wit and humor on a topic that usually draws humorless zealots is part of what makes this book so user-friendly. Hill, a project engineer at The Aerospace Corporation, has fashioned a breezy account of the space program that provides history up front, a technical section at the end, and careful, sometimes self-effacing explanations throughout. He also presents a well-balanced call for various government-private sector alliances in space, and addresses President Bush's 'space vision.' Hill is careful to not only specify both the advantages and disadvantages for just about every topic he covers, but to clearly state his biases as well."

William E. Burrows, Author of Deep Black in Air&Space Smithsonian Magazine, September 2005. Review: Brian Enke, author of Shadows of Medusa

"The book really shines in the middle chapters, where Mr. Hill uses a unique writing viewpoint and his extensive background in both military and civilian space operations to skillfully dissect some of the myths holding us back in space. He proposes several practical solutions to the most difficult issues."

Washington Post Magazine

"...a smart young aerospace engineer named Tom Hill...He had a contagious enthusiasm"

Joel Achenbach, To Infinity and Beyond. The Washington Post Magazine, 15 May 05

Personal Note: I look young for my age, and Mr. Achenbach never asked me. Although, as Monty Python puts it "I'm 37, not old!"

Testimonial: Keith Amburgey, Satellite Operations Manager

"I found it to be the book to read before going through the mountainous volumes of data already out helps me grasp the concepts and arguments quickly while stimulating and formulating my own opinions on the subject"

AIAA Space Operations Communicator

"...a must-read for everyone who hopes to possess a fundamental knowledge of these subjects with which to form rational and well-founded opinions."

"From front to back, the book is a complete work and will appeal to both the layperson and the experienced aerospace engineer. His particular tone and style of writing make the topics interesting and engaging."

J. Paul Douglas, Editor, The Space Operations Communicator. The full review can be found here.

Mention in The Mars Society Bulletin

"The sweeping  title promises a lot, but the book delivers, with style and a sense of humor."

"I strongly recommend this book. Tom Hill has taken his belief in a vibrant space future, tempered it with his experience in activism and the space industry, and produced essentially two works: an excellent primer for those new to the field and an entertaining and informative read for those more involved."

--Dr. Robert Zubrin, President of The Mars Society and author of The Case for Mars, Entering Space, and First Landing. Full text can be found here, and you can sign up to receive Mars Society Bulletins like it by going to yahoogroups.

Inteview on The Space Show

"Covers everything from where we started in space development to where we can ultimately go in space…a very detailed book"

"A superb reference book and a great book to read now. I recommend it to all my listeners"

--Dr. David Livingston, host of The Space Show Interview on 27 Feb 05

Review in The Huntsville Times

"Hill covers a number of the market issues that could lead us down the route to reusable spaceflight hardware and much lower costs to orbit"

"...attacks several "myths" and misconceptions that may have weakened our enthusiasm for space travel"

"interesting specific ideas for a public-private partnership in space development"

--Arthur P. Smith, The Huntsville Times 13 Feb 05 "Explore 'Space' for good summary

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The Updated Past, Present and Possible Futures of Space Activity