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These sites hold similar information to Space: What Now?

There are a lot of space websites out there. Here are a couple that I hit often.

Websites I like and recommend

Rand Simberg's Transterrestrial Musings

Rand Simberg describes himself as a recovering aerospace engineer, a term that I find to be pretty amusing as someone who hasn't accepted that he has a problem with aerospace engineering yet (well, I know that there are problems, but...). This site, not just about space, is Rand's weblog, where he posts thoughts about developing our space effort and other items that occur to him. If you think that NASA is the answer to all your space-prayers, and aren't interested in seeing information that may make you think otherwise, this site is not for you.

The Mars Society

This is the primary website for the Mars Society, although there are others that are affiliated ( and the like). As the primary site, it's where one should go regularly to find out what's going on with the society. In the last year or so, I've found their updates to be sporadic and not very useful, however.

Hobby Space

An excellent collection of space-related material that covers, for the most part activities that people are doing on their own or in small groups. Some sample areas include simulators, hobby satellites, and a somewhat-daily update of space news, focused more on alternate space (the X-prize, start-up companies, etc.) than on "big" space, although you'll get some good info and insight on that as well.

The Space Review

Updated on Mondays, typically posts 3 articles about space topics. Jeff Foust, the editor, is looking for contributed material all the time. If you want to get started writing for the web, this may be a good place to start.

The Updated Past, Present and Possible Futures of Space Activity